Wednesday, June 3, 2015

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Why I love Louisville!

I was lucky enough to have my Spark EnergyDrink party in Louisville Ky
a few weeks ago. So many wonderful people came out to listen to me speak about the power of Advocare and it’s amazing Health & Wellness products!

I couldn’t believe how many people came and were so gracious about just sitting and listening to me explain the wonderful weight loss products like the 24 Day Challenge, 
how to have more #energy with Spark and 
even how to make a full time income with part time effort.

One of the people at this particular event was one of the first people to come support me and purchase a 24 Day Challenge. I remember right before Thanksgiving him coming to the edge of the stage and saying, 
“if you say this is good stuff, then I believe you. I trust you.”

That meant a lot to me. And it rang true in my head and in my heart that I have a responsibility to be really sensitive to the needs of others in this business and in life. This isn’t some willy nilly pyramid deal.  It's a serious business that really helps a lot of people. Their lives and families are involved here. I must protect thier health, wellness and equally as important, their finances.

In fact, this reminded me of a training I first had when I was new
to Advocare. I actually looked this up:

Today, I choose to be patient with people and treat them with honor and love. I choose this for all people around me, including myself, regardless of their past or my past or even how they treat me. I choose to see the good and success in myself and in others without evidence of deserving it.

Just reading the values and principles that Advocare stands for and was founded on are what sold me. Having the most elite nutrition products available for over 23 years only seals the deal of why I am involved.

Some people buy at retail. But it’s my obligation to tell them how being a distributor can save them 20% – 40%. Also how by taking these products it will help them, look better, feel better and perform better but also it can make a huge impact on their life and the lives of their family financially. All they need to do is share their positive experiences with others and the rest just happens.

The venue I’ve played at for years in Louisville recently closed for good. I could feel this happening and knew having an Advocare mixer, my “Spark” party, would connect some people to me so that no matter what, no matter how busy I become, or where my travels take me, that I always have a connection to some very special people that I love.

Thank you for listening to me Louisville.
Thank you for allowing me to get better at my presentation “flow.”
Thank you for sampling products.
Thank you for signing up on my #GoldenPower Team.

I’ll always be there to help you all.
You’re forever connected to this energetic blond.

I know some of you missed it, or we didn’t hear you at the door.
To be on my team, become a distributor and enjoy the 20-40% discount just go here:

To join my team click here:

And when you want to hear more about the Plan B financial opportunity,

I can’t even tell you how blessed I am to have had you in my life as long as I have.

Thank you for the support on so many levels, within so many projects.
You’ve all been there with and for me.

I’m excited to see where this next chapter of life takes us.

My FAVORITE photo of the Spark Party.
This child was perfectly behaved. Her mother has come to see me for years.
The toddler kept referring to me as "Mommy's Friend." Precious

Special thank you to Jack at Alpha Orthopedic Systems for opening his business to me and my peers. Kristine and Missy, you were so kind, gracious and helpful. 
Way to make someone feel welcomed and comfortable. 

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