Sunday, June 14, 2015

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Word Choices. We all have them, choose them. We are all different.
I’ve always kind of cringed at the word “Fan”. That’s why I call it the “F” word.

The people who come to our shows, buy things from me, support and follow me are just more like friends. In fact, many of them have been better people to me than ones proclaiming to BE my friends.

I get pooped out when people claiming to be a buddy just bag out, cancel, don’t show up to things they say they will come to or just forget to even respond back. That’s petty crappy. It doesn’t make me feel very good. It’s like an emotional hangover.

I always fantasize about when I get to the “next level”, being able to go back and help so many people who helped me. I wonder how much money would I have to make to give so and so that new car? Or what about that persons kid’s college fund? These are the things I truly think about in my head at night.

What’s that saying about Jesus seeing his shadow and it’s going to be a long summer? Lol. Or leading a fish to water? Teach someone to swim? How’s that go? Oh, You can feed a man or you can teach him to fish… haha. That’s it!

You people aren’t my “fans.” You are living beings whom I’ve come to know and love. I know you. I know a lot going on in your lives. And I can’t even BEGIN to tell you what it means when you join up on my Advocare‪ #‎GoldenPower‬ Team. Seriously. I NOW can help YOU do some things you may not have been able to do and do them FASTER than some of my friends with degrees, documents and papers. In fact many people in our organization walk away from some pretty high paying and wonderful jobs, just because they can now. They pursue what they always wanted. They have the time to be with their families every day. All because of a company that helps people get fit. A company that gives people energy does this. One I fell into that is helping me become financially free. And it’s easy. All you have to do is listen and be teachable.

When this next chick became a distributor I almost fell out of my chair. She has come to EVERY West Virginia show, she has sent me gifts, cards, supported my online shop, given me smiles and hugs and just has BEEN there. All I can think of is WHAT can I DO for HER?

This woman and her friends have BEEN there for me. A Fan. See? How can I use that word here? The whole Ohio / West Virginia area is joining my team. They are starting their OWN teams! We can work TOGETHER to help out EVERYONE they know who want to WIN! I have a REASON now to get my rear end up to see them more often. I have a reason I am FOREVER connected to people I ADORE! And I know I will help them make STUPID amounts of money helping people. 
Win, Win, Win!

We are connected through music. And in my eyes, MUSIC is one of the most POWERFUL forces out there.
I don’t come in too far behind.

If you truly knew what was in my heart, you would understand that last statement. I will change the world and I already am. Because I have the best walking with me hand in hand and side by side.
I want a world where people are patient, kind and respect each other. You don’t need to agree with everyone, you don’t even need to like them, but love them. I want a community where the people I love are doing well. They are healthy. They are not on medications. They are strong, fit and have joy in their lives like I do. I want my friends to have no debt. And to live with the strongest of strong financial freedom.

Email today and join up on my team. I want to help.

Or just JOIN here! XXOO

Thank you Laura Huthmacher for coming on board. Woman, I am SO pumped!!!

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