Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Photoshop Haters | How Photoshop Can Change Your Life

Ever have someone you love die and thought to yourself, “if I could only have them back just one more day?”

I think that all the time. So I decided in my own artistic way to make my wish come true.

I’ve been using Adobe Photoshop since the day it came out. I learned MacDraw & MacPaint as a very small child. I was obsessed with making album covers for my CD’s growing up as a musician. I’ve probably made thousands of covers for friends over the years with this program!

It’s a medium that I can create something beautiful, artistic, surreal and artistic. And I love it. So many times it get knocked and hated on, but I choose to see it all a different way.

From the days of Greek Gods and Goddesses, Roman statues and carvings, I really doubt they had an artist come and spend months carving stone to be a timeless masterpiece only to include the dimples and cellulite on a woman’s butt. It didn’t happen. No one is hating on that.

How about when Rembrandt painted flawless  and haunting portraits where people almost didn’t look human? They were perfect. Forever-captured in oil on canvas. He forgot to include zits, pockmarks, dark circles and warts on his subject’s faces. No one is complaining about that. In fact, photography uses his method of lighting everyday. We choose to focus on the positive and take away the best possible feature and lesson.

Stop hating on Photoshop, retouching and tweaks. It’s been around forever and I’ve been having it done to my modeling photos since I was 7. It hasn’t distorted the way I see myself, look at or view me. It just reminds me if I drink more water, I’ll be hydrated! And if I eat the right foods like spinach, Kale, cucumbers, you know beauty foods, that my skin will ultimately look brighter and healthier. Photoshop has helped me see the me I can be if I’m putting some time and effort in. :-)

If anything, Photoshop has encouraged me to look like the tweaks that have been tweaked, but within reason and staying within the guides of reality. After all, we do know the difference between right and wrong? Self control? Image distortion?

I know many people have their opinions. I respect that. I’m just saying, maybe next time, just look at it for what it is. A way of making a photo into an heirloom that will last forever painting someone in their best light.

I for one am very happy someone created it. Because when used properly and for the good, I believe magic happens.

A very hot Minnesota 4th of July I asked my mother what she was the most sad about dying. The end was near and I was trying to understand. Many old people want to “go home.” My mother answered the most painstaking, raw, real and haunting answer I could never expect. “Because I can’t take you with me" she cried as she grabbed on to my forearm. She sobbed and put her head down.

What could I respond with? I was at a loss for words. She also looked me in the eyes and said, “I won’t be able to wear my Mexican skirt to anymore parties…”

It felt as though someone ripped my heart out. I inhaled and held the breath there for a while in so as not to cry. I told her I didn’t have my gear with me this trip, but that I had my iPad. Would she like an iPad photo shoot in her skirt?

“No” she said. “I’m too weak. I can’t get excited about something when I can’t even stand up” She got cold and mean… then quiet. “Suit yourself I said. I was just trying to help.”

The next day I opened the front door to see her sitting in her wheel chair with a white lace top and a black velvet Mexican skirt. “Go upstairs and fetch me several hats you think would look good and a shade of blood red lipstick.

I asked her is someone had changed her mind about an IPad photo shoot. “Quite possibly” she replied. “Quite possibly”

Off to the Hispanic parts of South Minneapolis we went, in search of the perfect backdrop. She was the one who found it. And these were the photos I took that hot day in July in which we celebrate our Independence.

And I’m glad we did that shoot. Because 10 days later she died. And the above photos were brilliantly enlarged and placed everywhere at her wake and funeral. My mom looked as good as she could in her final days… in her black velvet Mexican skirt. She had her last hurrah and her last party and celebrated properly.

I will never ever miss another opportunity like that. And thanks to “Photoshop”, my imagination and a very creative and willing cool father, I was able to create these last works of art.

A supporter at a show gave me some Christmas money to by something for my father. Some jerk had just done a credit card number hijack and cleaned me out. I had nothing for the holidays but I had this: my mind, my talent and my program. :-)

I leave you with my Christmas art I created for and gave my father, but also in memory of my mother.

See the glass not half empty, 
not half full, but overflowing. :-)

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