Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Vampires | The Undead | Graveyards | Team Work | Goldy lockS

Check out the Beautiful Tribute song 
to those we love who have passed. 

Goodnight was written by Goldy Locks & Jake Tolle & 
Produced By Chris Henderson of 3 Doors Down.

This whole project embodied teamwork. Every cemetery we approached wanted too much money, permits and even the parks we talked to were just too unreasonable with demands & rules. So my band mates and I built this graveyard by hand & a friend let us use her backyard ranch.

When a project seems nearly impossible, just remember, with the right team, 
and determination, anything can be done.

Funding to finish seemed to be a challenge, but if you watch the video till the end, you will see the incredible people who made a virtual #tribute & #Prayer to this project. These supporters honored their loved ones who passed which in turn breathed life into our #GoodNight Project.

Please watch the video here:

And DOWNLOAD Goodnight on iTunes today!

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