Monday, February 9, 2015

Spotify | Goldy Locks I Eating Disorder | Starving | and pissed!

Nice title. I'm pissed.

Somewhere along the line my distributor change the delivery stores from iTunes & Amazon to #Spotify.

I know people think Spotify will get you "exposure." Hmmm... EXPOSURE. Maybe the next time you need to pay bills, just pretend you didn't get paid. But you got "exposure".

I need my lights on, I need to pay ins, I'd like to eat? Food? Lol... oh what's that crazy stuff. I'm a musician. Haha. What was I thinking.

Buy your favorite artist & band's music please. Seriously. Do you know how much it costs us to record, master, press... Omg... what you like listening to?  If you listen for free and like it, then go BUY it!

You don't go into your favorite stores and get product for free? What if you did? Do you know what would happen? It would ALL GO AWAY!

Thanks Spotify! Thank you thank you thank you! I made .03 this month!!!! Yay! I can eat on that for weeks!

Not happy. Not happy

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