Monday, February 23, 2015

Domestic Violence | YWCA | Milwaukee Tool | Education

What do the @YWCA & The @MilwaukeeTool have in common? Well, they are both companies I USE and SUPPORT and can't speak highly enough of.

Take some time today. Watch @GoldyKnows Eps II and LEARN about how YOU can start seeing #RedFlags and #WarningSigns of those around you experiencing #DomesticViolence. You can help. Open your eyes and get involved. 

Domestic violence isn't a #SexyTopic. But helping others is. And so is ALL of the wonderful #HomeImprovement #DIY work we did for Mary, a beautiful #Survivor I met through the #YWCA Nashville. 

I used mostly #MilwaukeeTool s, #Milwaukee, to transform Mary's tiny bedroom into a spa like retreat. When YOU, especially ladies out there, when YOU invest in tools for your needs, BUY the BEST! Buy tools that like you, are BUILT TO LAST! I only use the best possible gear I can get my hands on. So use the #Strongest tools to improve YOUR life and the lives around you!

Watch my show. Learn some #DIY tricks, how to build a custom upholstered #HeadBoard and how to see warning signs of those being #abused.

Peace Be With You All Always, Goldy | |

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