Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Join my Goldy Locks Advocare Team | Get Healthy | Gain Financial Freedom!

Join my Advocare Team!

You’ve seen me posting and talking about Advocare. I am SO proud to be a part of this company because it not only “CHANGES” lives, but also “SAVES” them.

When my mom died, I packed on the pounds. I let food be my comfort. Only it’s not comfortable when you don’t fit into all of your clothes. In fact, I because depressed and gained weight. Food was my safe zone. But I realized it was getting out of hand. So I turned to a Pro Wrestling friend.

He gave me the Advocare 24 Day Challenge. And with that it jumpstarted 14 lbs. of weight loss. I started taking other Advocare supplements and soon lost my unwanted 20 lbs. I know am working on my college weight, but with more muscle tone.

I had no idea that the Spark Energy Drink I had been using all of these years was actually ADVOCARE! I just got it in a tub from wrestling buddies and ordered in a bundle. I didn’t pay attention.

Could this be? I had never even heard of Advocare. And now, I realize I’d been using it since 2000!

And I had NO idea the Advocare Company has been around since 1993! Numerous pro athletes endorse it and their Scientific and Medical Advisory Board members even consists of Stanley Dudrick, MD Father of Intravenous Feeding.


Doctors of that stature are not going to risk their reputation on anything but the best. And frankly, neither am I. Advocare REALLY helped get my life on track. So why don’t you let it help yours.


The stuff works or I wouldn’t be talking about it and posting results. But what really works are the benefits to being your own boss. How hard you want to hustle or try is YOUR call. And when you do get out there and just tell your story, about how it helped you, you find the product just sells itself. And you WATCH people getting healthy and changing their lives. And it’s an INCREDIBLE feeling.


I will leave you with this. I was on a conference call the other night. A very sweet, kind, excited woman led the call and just told us about her story. A broke couple needing to make ends meet. Someone introduced her to Advocare.


To make a long story short, I researched how long she’s been selling Advocare. Just a few years. I about fell out of my chair to find out she makes over 600k a year. I guess you can’t judge a book by its cover.


If you want to lose weight, or have more energy or just change your life around like you know you should. Consider not only trying Advocare, but let your story and the products working help you change your life financially. Because it can. I’m telling you, these products sell themselves because they are just THAT good.


Email me. Ask me what it takes. You’d be surprised.


1. It’s the price of Costco

2. There is NOTHING to buy

3. NO monthly quotas

4. Just use the 20% discount if you want

5. No AUTO ship products you WEREN’T Expecting


Just REALLY good people and REALLY great prouduct.


If you’re reading this and want to make a change both physically, mentally and financially, find me. Join MY team! It’s REAL, it’s HONEST and it’s WORKING! XXOO Goldy

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