Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Rubber Inner Tube Fortune Bracelet | Wristband | Up cycled Fortune Cookie Cufflet | Cuff | Eco Friendly

What do Pro Wrestling | Recycling | Bad Bumps | Fortune Cookies | Have in common?

I started my company The Factory By Goldy Locks in 1998. I had a record deal; a clothing and accessory line and wanted to make cool, edgy and interesting products for my friends in entertainment to wear.

Little did I know at the time I would be making one of a kind creations for some of my favorite celebrities and sports entertainment heroes. It was a magical time and still is.

I’ve watched people’s careers blossom and grow through hard work and determination. And I’m honored to have been even one small fiber making up their amazing careers.

Many people don’t know that aside from me BEING in pro wrestling, I designed and actually sewed many of the ring jackets these outstanding men and women wore. 

Even the action figures bearing these stars names were dressed in clothing and accessories I created especially FOR the athletes.

Now I make products for the mainstream consumer and even give people the option to customize their products and gifts. That’s my favorite part. 

My website www.TheFactoryByGoldyLocks.com houses many Rocker Cuffs & Leather Wristbands. Many are just like the ones I make for TNA & WWE Wrestling stars. But let me introduce you to a brand new member of the family, my Fortune Cookie Cufflets. They are made from recycled rubber bike inner tubes with funny & fun fortunes you never get at a restaurant.

These cuffs are YOUR way of doing something #Green, #EcoFriendly & innovative for the environment by rockin' something recycled. You breath new life into a pile of used rubber and put a fun whimsical twist on things by perpetuating a smile and a consummate "good mood!" How can you not be happy when you look down at your wrist and read something completely stupid, funny or just plain WRONG! Lol.

Go one step further and for an extra few bucks customize the fortune with any saying 70 Characters with spaces or less. These custom cuffs can be used for parties, wedding favors and even purchased at wholesale and sold as fundraising incentives. We always turn to sugar and treats to raise money when this can be a new, creative, custom and healthy alternative!

Please visit The Factory By Goldy Locks and order here:

Of for CUSTOM Fortunes click here:

Or try my NEW Etsy store here:

Thanks to all my friends at TNA Wrestling, IMPACT Wrestling & WWE for having the vision to commission me before it was "cool." :-).
Your love & support stays with me even now. XXOO

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