Sunday, October 27, 2013

Time. Dues. Paying them…

I realized last night how blessed and lucky I am, to have the kind of quality people who come to see us play. There are the occasional assholes and guys who just discovered they have a penis, but for the most part, amazing folks pay that cover. And I’m truly honored.

Even more so to play with the caliber of musicians that I share the stage with every week. I said musicians people, not “players” big difference. These are people who have dedicated their lives to music, playing, knowing songs, honing in their instrument. Doing a good show to me is more than just reading some charts. I can’t stomach it. That’s playing to me, not “performing.”

Last night, a very sweaty & drenched Richard Simmons rocked it to the oldies at the end of our stage. He brought his 2lb pink weights and was ready to go. Half way during the show, when my band mates already ditched their ridiculously hard to play in costumes, I told Richard & the crowd, I had a fantasy tonight. I also said, anyone who could guess it would win $100. No one did. Thank God, cause I need to eat this week! Lol

My fantasy was to switch wigs mid show with Richard. Snow White for Richard Simmons dirty wet red curly hair… He agreed. Wow, that thing was like a wet dog.

I asked Mark to play a beat & he also obliged. I began to sing a song from about a 20 year ago repertoire. I was 9? 10? And the song went like this… “The sun will come out, tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow, there’ll be sun…”

The crowd went wild as I remembered this song gone by, in my little ugly new wig and Snow White never looked so good in his short shorts. Without hesitation Jared & Daren chimed in, in a rock salute to “Annie” as they didn’t miss a beat & just knocked a song out of the park they never even played before.

That’s the thing about playing with REAL musicians. They constantly blow me away, and I forget the words to songs every night, because they are so talented and so good. It truly is an honor to play with all of these guys.

I’m glad I played Little Orphan Annie for almost TWO years straight. Every day, sometimes TWO times a day for a matinee and an evening performance. It taught me discipline, how to hustle and how to connect with an audience. I wasn’t handed sh!t growing up. I worked for it. And that means something to me.

Thanks to all those people last night that just went along with my crazy antics. I feel your energy & you are a part of me. And thanks to the tremendous talents of my current band mates. You are just top notch. And thank you to the people like Kayla who broke out her phone to shoot this. I’m so flattered you’d take the time to do that on your night out to just have fun & let loose. Thanks to everyone for keeping me & the band out there. I just love you. XXOO +Goldy Locks
+Goldy Locks 

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