Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Goldy Knows Episode II is almost here!

On my dream television show, I’d like to give away as many products, things, cars, houses, educations as I could. I think I’m well on my way with so much support from so many out there! Thank you! I’ve kind of always felt like Robin Hood in a past life!

I’ve spent my life defending those without a voice and feel I have a role and responsibility helping those who are more on the quiet side to tell their story.

This Thursday night, with the help of many people from my online community, folks coming to Goldy lockS shows, my family, Southeastern Salvage & Lowes, I was able to do just that. Not only will someone be telling a very inspiring story but I’m hoping you will be left with some education and warning signs of a very ugly epidemic that needs attention and help.

We were able to revamp a very dreary & plain bedroom for someone very deserving.  With the help of Southeastern Salvage, Lowes and Miss Jasmine Cain, we transformed a space into something dreamy & beautiful. And we documented the whole process.

You don’t need a million bucks to make your place shine. Just some creativity and affordable resources. They are everywhere. Treasures can be found at your local thrift store, flee markets, antique shops, garage sales, fabric stores or more commercial stores like Home goods, TJ Max, Marshalls and Southeastern Salvage. The place is never the same twice.

There is no excuse to live in a dive! Or to have that bedroom that women enter and wonder what dungeon they’ve fallen upon! Every space in your home no matter what the size and budget can be transformed into something great.

Tune in this Thursday January 9th at 8pm Central for a pretty cool show. I hope you dig it. We tried hard to inform, educate and make you laugh.

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2014 and all the amazing people I know out there, I love you. 
Thank you for supporting me, 
my band Goldy lockS & the new Reality/Talk Show, Goldy Knows! XXOO

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