Monday, January 20, 2014

Woman on woman love! Make it HOT!

Woman on woman love. ;-)

You clicked on it didn’t you? J I know you people. That’s why I love you.

Woman on woman love. What do I mean? Well I mean something you don’t see every day on popular “websites”.  Rather something we need to see more, and that’s one woman supporting another; unconditionally and without pretense.

Goldy Knows Episode II is out on the following link.

I started to realize the impact of this episode after hundreds of emails came in with some aspect of the show hitting home with viewers. Surprisingly over 75% of my emails were from men.  I am moved by this. I wanted to think of a way to spread the word even more of Mary’s story & the overall awareness of domestic violence. What it looks like, smells like and feels like. How we can be tuned into to someone showing the need for help. So I reached out to a blogger I have stumbled upon in the past.

I posted ONE simple comment. This beautiful beautiful woman took not only the time to respond, but also the effort in a blogged rebuttal. I don’t know how much more “love” a woman, a stranger at that, could have shown me in a single swipe of her paw. She is on it. And “on it good”. Read this powerful review of my show and the eloquent and real words she uses to do it.

If more people would take the time to write, read or even RESPOND to other people out there trying in life, what a world we would have.

Major major props to Nicole Lofton for writing about topics she is passionate about changing and creating awareness for. Pen to paper finger to keyboard, your talents in writing are astounding and so are you.

Thank you for caring about people, life and especially other women. You find me anytime I am in your city and we will break bread. J

Thank you to all who write, love and spread the words of platforms you have passion for. Especially those that include my precious sisters. Woman on woman love… ladies, the next time you’re think about being a bitch to another of your kind, try Nicole’s spin on things. I promise you will start you day out the “right” kind of way.
Please take a moment to subscribe to Nicole’s blog, FB or Twitter or join her circle. She deserves to be heard. She is amazing.

And thank you once again to the beautiful people in my life who continue to read, SHARE, post, comment, LIKE, SUBSCRIBE and show me the undying support you do. I’d be nothing without you. Troof! ;-)

Always with love, Goldy Locks


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