Wednesday, May 27, 2015

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Another #Wonderful #Amazing Person Joins 
My Team For #Success!

Can I tell you how truly PUMPED and HONORED I am right now?

6 months ago, I had someone at my gym come up to me and say, “Wow, you lost a lot of weight on the ‪#‎Advocare‬ ‪#‎24DayChallenge‬! You should be a distributor.” I blew it off. I was already a part of other health and wellness companies, they weren’t doing much financially for me. I didn’t think I could afford another monthly fee to join Advocare.

“There isn’t a monthly fee. You join one time like Costco or Sam’s Club. That’s it.” My gym manager said. “And see that guy over there? He’s making ••• dollars a month.”

Wait a minute. I can get PAID to help people? I take products at a discount? Get in amazing shape and help people? And I get paid? What?

I went home and signed up. I ordered quite a bit of product just to have at my shows to share with my supporters. I TOOK that leap of FAITH and said, “I Can Do This!”

And I will ALWAYS remember that cold November night in Louisville, where this incredible man, with an incredible wife, approached the stage with bills in hand and said, “Goldy, I want to do a challenge. If you say the products work, then I trust you and believe you.” Wow… that hit home. It hit my heart.

Ken Karlen went on to lose 19 lbs on the Challenge. He doesn’t even look the same. He changed his diet and made other life adjustments. He now tells ME about how to workout! His blood sugar levels have changed due to his health lifestyle and NOW, after a ‪#‎Spark‬ ‪#‎EnergyDrink‬ party we had last weekend in ‪#‎Louisville‬, he has become a distributor and is on my ‪#‎GoldenPower‬ Team!

I can’t even tell you what this means to me. Full circle. Someone who believed in me, I now REALLY have a chance to help.

Ken already has already seen the results of Advocare’s products. He has continued on them this whole time. But now he is seeing how buying the products from HIMSELF, will save him money, sharing with is friends and family will help THEM and buy building this business he will MAKE money. Advocare will work perfectly with everything he’s already got “goin” on. Cause the Karlen’s GOT it goin on!

I am so so pumped! Remember, wherever I am, YOU can have a Spark party! I will come to YOU! Look at my tour schedule. Round up some people, I bring products to sample, we watch a few short success videos in my presentation and talk about how this company can add VALUE to YOUR life! You have EVERYTHING to GAIN! WIN WIN WIN!

What a WINNER I am having Ken on my team! Now I get to help him build his own! OMG I am so excited! Quality attracts Quality! And all I ever say is God, send me more people like me please! Folks with drive, vision, people who know how to hustle and get to work with a heart! Thank you Ken! Thank you Mrs. Karlen! You are that wife any dude would die for. The most beautiful and the BEST attitude EVER!!!

It will change your life if you let it!

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