Sunday, December 27, 2015

Get bailed out of Jail And Look Hot Too! Goldy Locks and Grumpy's Bail Bonds!

Ring the bell! TWO awesome blondes joined forces!

Every once in awhile you meet a woman who you know will change your life. And if you're lucky you can help them better theirs as well. That seriously is what our team is all about.

Introducing the newest member to our AdvoCare Golden Power Team! Miss Leah Hulan who is a former Ms. Tennessee who also competed in The Miss America & Miss USA pageant AND is an entrepreneur. I am so proud to have met and am now working with to help EVERYONE she knows become stronger, more healthy, have energy and even make some extra income. This OWNER she knows become stronger, more healthy, have energy and even make some extra income. This OWNER & "Bond Girl" of Grumpy’s Bail Bonds is no stranger to health and fitness. She has already taken life's obstacles and turned them into victories with pure strength and self-motivation.

She already has one of the most successful businesses in Middle Tennessee. She builds companies and employs many. We BOTH love helping people and empowering women. It only made sense for us to join forces, help other people become healthier, and also help everyone she knows make extra income.

It’s no secret I want to build an EMPOWERING, MOTIVATING and STRENGTHENING army helping people everywhere become stronger, more healthy and happy.

Leah and my brilliant friend Chase Stevens have a brand new wrestling promotion Archadian Wrestling in association with AWA, which I’ve been helping with some photo shoots and graphics.I can’t WAIT to have you see and hear about this NEW brand of LIVE sports entertainment!

I’ve been friends with Chase for years. He has always been good to me and kind so I will be doing EVERYTHING I can to spread the word and help this new EMPIRE be a HUGE success!

So many people see Leah on TV and think they know her. She’s this bubbly blonde bigger than life human Barbie. That’s easy to see but what you don’t is what's inside her heart. And as I work on these graphics I see partial proceeds go to a charity called “I heart Babies”. Once again, she’s giving back to help babies with heart defects. This is even more reason to come to a live wrestling show. You will actually make a difference in some child’s life.

I'm so honored to have locked arms with this incredible human being.  She has a heart of Gold and we want to help YOU lose weight, gain muscle, have more energy and make the money you know you deserve. No push attached. No weirdness! Just being a part of one of the GREATEST 23-year-old almost ONE BILLION dollar company that you need to know about. Advocare. You don’t need to be a sales person. You don’t need to be an extravert! LEAH and I already ARE! Lol You just find us people to talk to and I will help from there. YOU get paid. :-)

Email me today about joining our team! It will be the BEST NEW YEAR’S decision you’ll EVER make!

Leah, THANK YOU! Chase! Thank you! So many AMAZING things are in store for us all this year and ALWAYS!

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