Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Pamela Anderson | Peta | And Irv Gottie

History usually repeats itself 
and it did again today.

I remember back in the early 2000's, I was in Los Angeles with my record deal recording and gallivanting around usually hustling and hob knobbing. I found myself at Enterprise Studios being introduced to #Ashanti, #JaRule and #IrvGotti. I was the "odd woman" out but quickly found myself TYPING for Mr. Gotti in the office as he was brainstorming on a new video for Ja Rule.

He kept calling me Pamela Anderson. Which of course I wasn't mad at. She was and still is one of the most beautiful women inside and out in entertainment today. She has a huge heart and does a lot for animal rights. What's not to love?

I just remember Irv always calling me "Pamela." What a compliment. 

Today I couldn't have looked worse. Complete blaa to be exact. I grew up in the hood for God's sake. If I don't have a performance or a show to shoot, my hair is in braids or a bun with essential oils on in. We all know I don't wash it for a week, just like many of my peeps with ethnic hair. Add grown out black roots to my platinum blonde hair to the mix and it's just plain UGLY! lol

That's how I felt today but still had the confidence of my six pack and biceps to make it all ok. When you're in decent shape you hopefully can still retain some self-esteem. Lol.

Hey Pamela a group of men yelled out? 
They kept yelling. 
A whole bunch of dudes who usually I would blog about being jerks... but they were lovely. 
They were kind, complimentary and respectful. 

So while most of the places I go, I blog and post about "I'm at the grocery store, KROGER, for SEX," Lol, THIS was a pleasant surprise.

Every single one of these men had gold teeth. Which I called them out on being my name is GOLDY. They laughed and we talked for a few. Then went back lifting. I looked in the mirror and thought, I look nothing like "Pamela" today. I look like a dirty blonde Muppet... but they saw something else.

I showed them these two photos. They couldn't tell us apart. 
I know they were just being kind. But I'll take it.
That made me feel pretty good, but even better that so many men in one group could be so respectful. There really are some great ones left.

They read my promo cards and asked about:

And all I can say is we now have THREE lunch meetings to discuss health and wellness. All of the guys use protein, aminos and recovery formulas. 
So why not meet and hear about improving their finances as well?

Once again I found an income opportunity that's pretty simple. It comes in handy helping other people make an amazing full-time income with part-time efforts.

It was a pretty great day at the gym. It was nice to pay Pamela proper homage and relive the days I spent in LA. 

Off to the next adventure next week in Washing DC!

Holla at me ALWAYS for any help with your fitness OR finances!
I like helping people! And have some ways to do just THAT!


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