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Entitled kids make me SICK! | Goldy Locks

Extra Excited? You bet! Read WHY!

How many times have we talked about this generation as “Entitled?” Kids having cell phones, multiple tablets, every video game known to humankind. It’s almost as though children, teens, 20 something’s EXCEPT what I had to work my rear end off as a child to get. Who am I kidding? We didn’t have that stuff when I was a kid! Lol.

When I meet someone younger with a clue, who get’s it, who has an INCREDIBLE work ethic and attitude I go CRAZY! And THAT is why I’m writing this post!

Ring The Bell for yet ANOTHER #Advocare #GoldenPower Team Member coming in with POWER and STRENGTH already in ONE week changing lives!

Katie Beth Walton already does an incredible job at her current work place. But by finally attacking getting changing her health and fitness her #motivation is starting to SOAR!

In just SIX days she has lost FIVE pounds on her #Advocare #24DayChallenge! And by becoming a distributor I about fell OFF my chair at what she is starting to earn financially from just PART time effort that totally doesn’t interfere with her wonderful job or life! All she’s doing is SHARING her joy, success and new found #Energy through the products helping her lose weight and people are ALSO seeing and getting excited! THIS chick’s POSITIVE VIBES are CONTAGIOUS!

A few weeks ago I was dragging at a show in Orange Beach Alabama. So I mixed up a#Spark Energy drink at the edge of the stage. I walked over to this table of HOT women! And this beautiful lady says, “Hey! That’s Spark!” We smiled and laughed and she began to tell me her story.

Katie said she became inactive. She ate poorly. She gained weight and felt depressed about that. People, we can all tell someone, “Oh, you look just fine…” But when we ourselves don’t fit into our favorite dress or feel uncomfortable in our own skin, then it’s time for change. Katie was ready for that. She wanted “herself” back again.

A friend at work said she drank this magical potion! Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids, Appetite Suppressant and Energy! Low Carb, Low Cal and NO Sugar! What! Katie started using it too and had MORE energy than she had in months.

When she saw ME drinking it, it opened the conversation to the Advocare BUSINESS opportunity. So I met up with this table of amazing women the next day. Just a few days later they ALL became distributors! Talk about a DREAM team! Go Mississippi!

Katie and the rest of these women have ALREADY lost 5 lbs or MORE in just a few days of the 24 Day Challenge. Where will they be in a few weeks? THIS system kicks OFF weight loss. It gives people HOPE, INSPIRATION and MOTIVATION to KEEP GOING and reach their goals! Then to maintain it!

I can’t disclose Katie’s financial business, but I really did lose it when I heard her earnings for just joining the company. And now her friends are signing up? This means ALL of these young peeps will be SET financially if they just keep going, sharing their story and product usage with others. Win, Win, Win. No one is standing around with their hand out here asking for anything. In fact, they are PUTTING samples into people’s lives and changing them.

I’m proud to even know this woman let alone have her on my team. You should really email her about products that can help YOU lose weight, gain LEAN muscle, have more energy or drum roll please… make FULL time EXTRA income with PART time effort? Are you listening?

Here are a few stories from people not being “Entitled” but going out and creating change and opportunity.

A cool single woman’s story:

A pretty awesome dude’s story: (Listen to the beginning.)

Ask Katie how to be a part of HER team. And if you’re reading this and are a buddy of mine, for the love of God, email me about how I can help YOU! I get paid to help people LOOK great, PERFORM great, FEEL great and become financially independent. Now maybe you see why everything about my life is #GOLDEN. XOXOXO

I’m sure it would sound strange to say I “Love” someone I just met. I mean “Love at first sight” is usually reserved for a partner and such… I’ve been looked at as “different” my whole life so I’ll just say it, I LOVE you Katie and ALL your crew! From what I’ve seen of your friends, family and even boss, you are surrounded by EXCELLENCE, BEAUTY and GREATNESS. Enjoy that. You are blessed. “I” am blessed. My entire Advocare team is made up of people like you. No WONDER I’m cranking! THANK YOU for blessing MY life!

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