Monday, August 3, 2015

I HATE my mom she's SO annoying! | Goldy Locks

I HATE you!

I think I said in once in my lifetime. I was maybe eight? The look on my mother's face still haunts me.

I wish I'd never have said that. It wasn't until I was older that I realized what that does to a person who loves you. It's devastating and debilitating. It's a blanket that covers you that never goes away. It could be blazing hot outside and that "thing" those words still cover you...

My dad always says, "Don't ever say something that at another day you'd wish you hadn't said." I try and live by this. And this letter goes out to all the teens, and the 20 somethings who STILL complain about their parents. 

Shut the hell up. If they even are around that's huge these days. Thousands of kids are in foster homes are waiting for adoption. They'd take a scrap while you all have it made. If you're parents are "Annoying" then chances are they give a big FAT Sh!t! Be THANKFUL! Be GRATEFUL you have someone who HAS YOUR BACK!

I figured this out very early in my life. I had a very sick mother and I cherished every minute with her until the end.

I'm having a rough night. I talk about it. My car has finally had it's last hurrah. A 1998 Honda accord. People make fun of me everywhere I go asking why I drive it? Surly I could afford something better? 

When I was going through bankruptcy, a horrible horrible time in my life, it kept getting extended. Three years to be exact. I hung with the hip crowd in LA, was on TV, had the record deal and I made some bad choices letting people run big checks through my account. I trusted them I was dating one... mistake. The IRS didn't see it that way... Lol

For THREE years I couldn't have a car, a job that paid with a check, a bank account, "stuff" at my apartment. They took my house, car... I ate out of garbage cans. No one knew. I didn't want them too. It was too embarrassing. I had my pride.

My mom caught wind of how bad it was. She told no one. Instead she helped me make a deal with some back alley car lot, making her own secret monthly payments and I drove around with dealer tags for THREE years!

Illegal? You bet. Necessary? Yes. I cleaned houses for cash and lived under the radar. That Honda meant the WORLD to me because of what my mother secretly was doing. She was INCREDIBLE. She was HONORABLE.

You kids out there today have NO idea what your parents do to sacrifice for you. Get a clue. And when you do, you will NEVER say an unkind or less than gracious comment about them. If your parents are a little "iffy" which some of my friends have. That's ok. It's no reflection on you. They do the best they can with what they have to work with. Some folks never should have had kids. But just be glad you were born and move on. Find someone Else's parents to adopt. :-)

There probably will be a very cool, hot and sexy shoot coming up when I'm in a little better shape. You can bet it will involve a 1998 Honda. I know my mom would see the humor in it. 

Figure out NOW how luck you are to have ONE or even TWO parents who bust their @$$ for you daily. Thank them. DAILY. And always remember to speak works of kindness and praise for ALL they try and do for you. Figure it out now before it's too late.

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