Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Don't Judge A Book By It's Cover | Motor Cycle Boots & A Big Attitude!

As promised. A cool and true story. :-)

I went to shoot the wedding of a BFF. She then asked me to "film." I had my hands full as I was to be their photographer and capture the night. What an honor. As I approached the lighting panel near musicians gear, they got a little put out with me. I told them I was ONE OF THEM! Lol. And they didn't believe me.

I scuffled around the corners of the low lit no flash allowed museum trying to make memories for my friend. I had on work boots as I was outside shooting before hand. A loose fitting dress and one of my little muppet hats to keep my hair out of my eyes. Someone asked me to sing a number and I declined. But the bride insisted. I'm really not dressed for it I said...

I don't think anyone really thought I was dressed or was anything but the "photographer" lol.

I asked what I could sing. And the band said we play "jazz." Like I wouldn't even know what that was in my motorcycle boots. I said ok, tell me what to sing. They laughed and picked a tune.

This particular song was the jazz show tune my mother asked me to sing for my music scholarship years ago. I knew it in my sleep as she would sing it to me as a child. My mother loved show tunes. She was an actress in her younger and more healthier years. THIS song had particularly special meaning.

I normally don't grandstand. But sometimes there's no other option.

Just watch the saxophone player's face. I leave you with that. It's frickin priceless.

Never judge a book by its cover. Chances are, it's more worldly are more well-read than you are. ;-)

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