Monday, September 14, 2015

Cop Killers Are Killing Themselves | Golden Magazine | Postitivity

You're not helping anything. You're not making your claim. You are saddening and weakening us all as a country. Two wrongs have never really made a right. Sure it may feel good for the moment, but in the long run where do we stand?

I come from a neighborhood where I am the minority. There was never a problem. What changed? I saw no color I just saw my friends.

Stop isolating. Stop segregating. We are people and humans under God's hand. Help each other. Support other people and build them up. My heart hearts and so I'm trying to not point fingers except at myself. What can I do to change it?

This may seem like a page from my late mother's book, but she truly did see everything with rose colored glasses. And despite terminal illness beat the odds for years, because she CHOSE to.

I started an online magazine a few months ago called GOLDEN. Golden By Goldy Locks (And Friends) to be exact. It's taking longer than expected due to some people not being able to contribute on time. It's ok. Life happens. We move on. I just want to put out a BEAUTIFUL and SOLID piece of work whenever I cam, that INSPIRES, creates JOY, PEACE and BEAUTY inside our hearts. 

There is enough BS we read every day. I'm asking everyone to share the GOLDEN issue when it comes out. I'm getting there. And I can't thank the friends who have helped me write and contribute. We will make some change. We will put a dent in what's going on. Even if ONE person smiles... I consider that VICTORY.

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