Sunday, September 27, 2015

Wedding Dresses & Rings Determine Your Marriage! | Goldy Locks

Brides! Please be realistic about your WANTS and DEMANDS for your weddings ok? My whole life I've been friends more with dudes. And I hear what they think and feel all the time. You push too hard sometimes. If you can't contribute then shut it. You will never know what the pressure you put on your man does. It turns them off. So do things the right way ok? Your love shouldn't be about the size of your ring, the cost of your dress or how much a "plate" costs. It should be about finding SOMEONE out there who loves you. 

Years ago when I gave a swing, THIS was my profile. Lol. And many men wrote me saying another MAN must have written it. So be it. We all know I have balls of steel. But I listen to other people. And I speak from the heart.

THIS was my old profile! Lol

I'm funny but dry. Work my *** off and want to be around hard working people working towards a goal. I'm looking to find a guy who always wanted to find a "perfect" girl because I think I am. I am kind, considerate, I notice things and do something about that. I make a lot of effort. I know I'm the complete package & I'd rather be alone than just "be with a guy" to say I "have one." I'm cool on my own. I just want to find someone wonderful who wants to have fun. No time for players. Dated too many rock stars & pro athletes. It's what is inside someone's heart & soul and the integrity they have that is most important. I'd like to be attracted to someone as well. I'm so picky on that. Wish I wasn't sometimes, but I am. Like I said, I'm cool on my own. Unless it's a true connection, not worth the time. I pay my own way fellas. So I'm not your typical girl. If I ever get married it will be a fricken pot luck. I'll make my own dress or get one on sale & invite everyone to a party. They won't know what it is & won't feel obligated to bring a gift. It's not about that. As far as a ring. A twisty tie around my finger would be the extent of $$ a man would need to spend on me. It's about the heart.

Ps, if the future Mrs. B is reading this it has NOTHING to do with you. ;-) |

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