Wednesday, November 11, 2015

How Advocare helped me learn to LOVE my father even more! | Goldy Locks

Well crap! Lol The LAST pic shouldn't be in here! Opps! ;-)

I'm sharing this at the risk of looking completely cheezy & sappy. I normally don't post things this personal, but I think it can help some people. :-)

I think many kids didn't have the greatest relationship with their folks growing up. I know I butted heads with my dad a lot. But as I grew older I realized he was just a person like I am, with feelings, hopes and dreams. My mother has passed and I realize even more how "human" our parents really are.

Tonight there was a call for Advocare, where people on our team just listen to inspiring words and get revved up to help peeps esp during the holidays. People eat too much! And the credit card debt becomes crazy with the pressures of the season. My dad and I FaceTimed afterwards and it really gave us a cool time to just talk. 

We talked about debt, student loans people have, families trying to pay off mortgages, my friend in nursing school who are just dying with debt & no energy, friends he knows who are moving back home to live with parents, friends kid's borrowing a lot of money... and it just hit us both how cool it is we have this opportunity to work together, helping so many people just... well, be "better."

All these years I NEVER thought I would be working with my dad. lol. But I am. And he uses his Spark as a handicapped senior man to get through his YMCA workouts. He shares with his other senior friends there and receives a check every few weeks. This makes my heart smile. Who would have thought Advocare would make TWO "Aries" get a long better? Lol. 

We have other people on our team that share products and success that are also siblings, mother daughter, father, daughter... I love it. 

Many of you ask what products we both use. Stay tuned. I'll try and list one every few days and explain just what it does and how it can help. :-)

Cheers to all the parents out there! The conservative, the holy, the edgy, the rock'n rollers, the Metal heads, the STAR WARS geeky fans, the wrestling marks and mom's who got knocked up very young! You're doing an AMAZING job! I live vicariously! 

I love you dad! Thank you Tom TheConservative for CHOOSING health and fitness, going the gym, taking products that give you life and energy and not just letting the pain rule your life. You're an inspiration and a lesson in just SHUTTING UP and gettin er done!

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