Sunday, November 15, 2015

How To Make Fast Extra Money & Not Live Pay Check To Pay Check with Goldy Locks!

I've been traveling all week.

It's either for The Goldy lockS Band
TV meetings
Entrepreneurial endeavors

Or to go help people I meet who join our Advocare team.

Yesterday I was talking to a very good friend who's thinking about joining up and it occurred to me, many of you don't even understand what that means or what it even is.
I've done and had my friends do a lot of crazy pyramid, get rich quick, schemes and businesses. It cost a lot of money to start up, they were hidden fees, monthly quotas, shipments that just showed up at the house, and credit card charges that I didn't expect. Many of you have the same experience. That's why I'm sharing quickly today that AdvoCare is probably the most amazing company I've ever encountered.

Everything they have promised, they have followed through with. It's the only thing that's consistent in my life right now! Haha. I share products with people and I get paid every 2 weeks. There is so much joy in having breathing room every month, when by being an entertainer, in the past, I've had to live paycheck to paycheck. Only with musicians there is no "paycheck" it's when you can find work and then you have to make that stretch until the next gig.

So this post today goes out to anyone out there to is tapped out with time but needs more money. Would you please let me help you? I'm helping a lot of beautiful people who aren't extroverts like me. :). They are not salesman or women, just business men, women, busy moms, school teachers and nurses, laborers, realtors and students, musicians and wrestlers. ;). I can help anybody. All you need to do is join up and find me anyone I can to talk to. I listen to what they need and see if it falls in the category of weight loss, more energy, better performance, or like many, someone who just needs extra income. You find me friends and family or anyone at work, we set up a time just to chat and I help them figure out a solution. And you get paid for that.

It's 79.99 to join. You get 3 boxes of spark energy drink valued at 69 99. So for just a little over $10 you immediately have the opportunity for a positive cash flow business. That's it. No catch, no strings attached, no weirdness. That's why I'm constantly talking about this and always so excited!

 Because I love helping people. I love watching people smile at shows, & I love getting emails from people on our team saying I have money in my bank account today because of AdvoCare. I can pay bills, feed my family, and save some extra money or pay down our debt and annoying student loans.

I'm looking for wonderful people to work with. Maybe you only have two or three hours a week. Guess what? That's enough. Why don't you just try? You have everything to gain and I'm always looking for more people to help. It helps me tremendously as well!

Email me.  Or just take a look at THIS viceo:

I will send you a video that really explains more in detail. :-) No pressure. This company has been around for 23 years and is hitting the One Billion Dollar company mark. They are doing well and helping thousands of "normal" people have "extraordinary" income. All for helping people perform their best. WIn WIn Win!

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