Wednesday, March 30, 2016

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A Golden Post

Every once and a while I need to get a little more raw and real. Much of this content is going into three different books I'm writing. All different, but it deals with things that have happened to me and what I've done to come out shining.

I waited a while to post this photo. Because it brought tears to my eyes. It represents so much more thank anyone could ever know.

I've always been very different that the other people around me. I've been very strong but I would be lying to say even now people say and do so many things to hurt me. When you're different or in entertainment people think they have a licence. A licence to ask personal questions, badger you, pry, say cruel things and just be inappropriate.

What people don't always see is what happens behind the scenes. And I always choose to speak positive words over people. But not right now.

There have been some pretty incredible people I"ve shared the stage with, but there have also been very cruel, volatile, negative and abusive people as well. I "took it" to keep it all going.

I watched The Secret in 2006. During a very dark time when I had to wait to declare bankruptcy. I lent some people some money and the interest went into the 100's of thousands. The IRS eventually came for me as well...

I watched this movie and then read the book The Secret, and it changed my life. Because I started to ASK God and the Universe for what I wanted.

And part of what I wanted, more importantly than money or food... was friends. True friends. Maybe even people in our band who I liked? Or even better??? Liked ME!

I was mocked and picked on as a child, my teens, high school, bla bla bla. I was decent looking, made a lot of money in movies, commercials and films and helped pay my own way. So it was tolerable that people were jerks. I had my own self-worth and self-esteem. ;-)

Fast forward to an adult and in a band with adults... not so much. I will go into more details as to just how BAD some people were to me, but only to prove a point.

What you THINK about, what you THANK about is what you BRING about. And I dreamed of great human beings to tour the world with me.

And that's what I got. :-)

Where band mates would mock me for working out, make fun of me for eating healthy and laugh at me when I prayed before shows and blessed my food doesn't happen anymore. Because I didn't dwell on it. I concentrated on what I DID want. And here is the photo to PROVE the #LawOfAttraction really DOES work.

Thank you to some of the best guys I've ever hung out with. They are beyond talented in their craft but even more so as human beings.

Special thanks to Dr. Joe Vitale for his contribution in my online magazine, Golden.

This article can be seen here on page 19. His presence in The Secret was a driving part of my life changing for the better and more positive. I owe him a lot. :-)

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