Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Haters I love you!

This meme someone sent me today inspired this post.

In every work place there will be jealousy. People will hate you if you are doing well and achieving. Sadly sometimes the people we call friends turn on us. The people we thought would be excited about our promotion are not. They were secretly trying for the same one.
Replace that feeling of disappointment with joy. And when you feel hated on, just tell yourself inside “they love me.”
It sounds like a sick joke or a lie, but if you train yourself to do this, even verbally saying out loud that people like you… you end up attracting the ones that do. You can deflect negative energy by creating your own force field of joy. How do I know? Let me take you back…
I started modeling and doing commercials when I was 3 years old. I wouldn’t trade that brutality for anything. Being rejected that early in life sharpens you into a bulletproof shield if you allow it. Say what you want to about me, I’m rarely rattled.
In a world of entitled and spoiled children where I’m sure soon there will be an automatic butt wiper and “kisser”, just to make EVERYTHING in life better, the children of the 80’s didn’t have such luxuries. We were spanked, yelled at, told to pull a switch from the tree and come get our punishment! Belts and pots and pans had different meanings back then! So did criticism. You got a look from your parent and knew that was it.
I remember when I was 8 years old, auditioning for a national friend chicken chain. I got the part, was all excited and went to the production studio to shoot. A group of adults frowned at me sitting behind the camera. They all whispered and pointed at me. Finally a director in frustrations said, “her eyes are different sizes! This could never work!”
So it looked as though Goldy was going home. After my disabled and very sick mother had driven me to this job. I didn’t like that. And that was the first time I used the “F” word. I remember it coming out of my mouth and feeling paralyzed when I said it. But I looked that director in the face and said, “My eyes ARE 2 different sizes sir. Most people’s are. Maybe being normal will sell more chicken! And oh, F you!”
I got up and left. I grabbed my stuff in the dressing room and went to find my mom. I told her they didn’t want to use me and that I’d like an ice cream cone.
Someone chased me down. Apparently like LIKED spit fire children with passion. Lol. I stood my ground, was professional and made several hundred thousand dollars off that whole package and kept my terminal mother alive longer.
It’s how you handle people that hate you. I did spout off, but I returned with a smile. I turned their hate into joy and THAT turned into a child with a really big smile gracing the box of ANOTHER national tooth paste company grossing quite a bit for my family. J
Goldy Knows. It’s my little internet show. If you ever fantasized about meeting your childhood crush somewhere random… then watch! Because it’s funny and people are just now discovering it!
So make as many HATE memes as you can! THANK YOU for your time, attention and disgust in my show! Lol. If you watch it long enough, maybe you will learn something about a disease called Lupus. Maybe you can help diagnose someone. All from a silly stupid show called #GoldyKnows.
One of these days, the world will learn that I really do! XOXO
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