Thursday, June 19, 2014

A BIG juicy BOOTY!

Aint nothing wrong with 
baby havin some “Back!” 

Personally I prefer to have my own be FREE of cellulite and more on the “rock hard” side of things rather that a Jell-O peep show. ;-)

You can want a great butt all you want, but unless you were born with perfect genetics, it’s going to involve a pretty clean diet, lots of squats and LOT’S of lunges. It’s all-good. You get what you put into something. And it’s worth the extra work to me!

The gym is an important outlet for me. When I’m fed up with life’s BS, I know I can go there and let off some steam. There are wonderful people there who understand my drive and encourage me to dig deeper.

I also listen to so many different self-encouragement, financial and over all life-improving books on audio when I’m at the gym. It helps pass the time on cardio machines and fills my brain up with a different kind of “food” we all need to feed our intellect. Just TRY and be in a bad mood leaving the gym from exercise and positive affirmations going into and through the mind. It’s impossible!

So many of these “success” books I’m listening to talk about surrounding yourself with positive and encouraging people. Much like putting effort into having a great rear end, Lol, so does having GREAT friends in your life.

We hear it time and time again as children, “Choose your friends wisely” and “birds of a feather flock together…” but when we get older, we forget. So this is a friendly reminder that if your life needs to improve, which I think all of ours can always stand to, take a look at not only yourself but also the friends you keep.

Today I dedicate this blog to my friend and agent Hannah Garber. Not because we are talkin bout awesome derrieres, but because she is solid. She always has something motivating and positive to say. She listens. She encourages and she makes me smile.

If you have a bunch of “a holes” at your work place and can’t get away from them… start ignoring. Befriend someone that may not seem your “type” but who has the right heart. Choose people who are “good” for you. And choose the people who “choose” you. :-)

Hannah not only is beautiful on the outside, but on the inside. She is a busy mother, professional in the entertainment industry and independent Rodan & Fields skin care consultant. She always finds the time to talk via phone, Facetime or have our bi monthly “girl” dates.

We dress up. Plan our outfits, take pictures and talk about how we are going to advance our careers. Dates don’t always have to be someone you want to “hook up with” you know. ;-) It’s a wonderful idea to make sure EVERY month you plan several get-togethers with friends. Put it on the calendar and use that time to talk about ideas and self-improvements. It’s amazing what it will do for your life!

So the next time you’re complaining about your body image, a specific target area or your life, do something to change it. Better yourself. Take the first step to DECIDE to make time to change. And make sure that you’re hanging out with the right people. And if you’re not? It’s as easy as a snap of the finger to find great and new people. So do it!

Blog Recap. 
I like my friends like I’s likes my booty! Tight & solid! Ha ha

I am a proud supporter of Hannah’s Skin Care. It’s worked miracles on my own face!

Her site can be found here:

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