Friday, June 6, 2014

Major TV Network shoot with ME! Goldy Locks! Yay!

Not THIS JUNE 9th! 6 PM! I need YOU!
POSITIVE energy & bodies needed!

A Major Network is shooting an Episode for a new season

And they are featuring ME! And a few of my friends!

This scene is LAST MINUTE! So I REALLY need you!

Thank you for reading! This is a hug deal to me. The network has been working with me for 3 months, planning some really awesome FUNNY stuff. This show seriously gets ME, all the crazy stuff I do, my personality, heart... and this scene is last minute. So it's got to rock. I need people to come and for it to look full. This is probably one of the biggest things I've done and to have great people there, immortalized on screen makes my heart smile. Seriously think about coming for just an hour or so, and making it INCREDIBLE! If you know ANYONE in the Nashville area... Tell them just to come have some fun with ME!

The Rusty Nail!
4054 Andrew Jackson Way

Hermitage, TN 37076
(615) 889-2613

I need as MANY people to come listen to us play a NEW song!

And act like you LOVE it! Bahaha!

I will be bringing a ton of “retro” Goldy lockS Swag for give aways and even some things from my TNA Wrestling days just to give out!
So come just have fun watching how a REAL show on a REAL Network Get’s Er Done! And be on TV with me!!!!!!!!

This is all the info I can give out. So please just come be a part of the chaos! It’s going to be AWESOME and I just can’t wait to have you all included in something amazing, spectacular and wonderful! Come right after work and be a part of something you just won’t see every day! Grab a drink at the Rusty Nail and PRETEND It’s Not MONDAY!!!!

PS! I REALLY need the peeps who 
SAY they are coming to COME! WORD!

#GoldyKnows #GoldyLocksRocks #JimmyFallon

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