Monday, June 16, 2014

Colt Ford My Country Star With Swagga!

I don’t think I’ve ever been more proud or excited for a record coming out. I’ve had the privilege now several times of shooting Country/Rap Star Colt Ford. It seems as though each time the shoot gets better and better. Like really good sex when you have LEARNED your partner and what he likes! We work pretty damn great together! Ha ha

Well, while I’ve personally not been too busy in that area I guess I will live vicariously through my photography! Lol. No rest for the wicked and when you see Colt’s new album artwork, cover and layout, you will see where my time has been going! Shooting the stars!

This guy is a DREAM to work with. He’s comfortable in his skin, always has the best clothes, (some he even makes himself) amazing stylists, staff, team and people at his label supporting him. It’s such an honor. Colt is a pro with his body angles, facial expressions and we know each other’s work styles so well… the shoots always flow like 
"Chicken and Biscuits."

I was just talking to my dad today, having him say how lucky I am to have my photography and studio to keep my mind creative and bills paid when not on TV or the road. What a blessing. And I’m so grateful to all my teachers along the way for helping me constantly improve. Even my high school teacher who gave me suspension for starting a fire in the darkroom. I get it bro… I was a hot mess back then! Still am! Makes for a fun life!

Thanks to all who support not only my music and shows, but my other forms of art as well. It truly is an honor to shoot artists like Colt Ford. Damn that dude makes lookin great… easy.

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