Monday, June 30, 2014

My AMAZING Dating life! Ahhh...

What's on my mind... Hmmm. As I write my new book
(Yes, you will will love, be entertained and DAZZLED by this) 
I still get emails in from potential hotties. 
I digress... and must post for your "viewing pleasure." 

"Sure, I'm in good shape, have a pretty incredible personality, the most SEXUAL cat on the planet #AnnieTheSexualPuss, but I ALSO get the guys. And I mean... the GUYS. Drool if you must, "excuse yourself ladies" to take care of... ah hem... some "business"... men, LEARN from this master. I present to you today's #Sexual email of the day:


You take my Breath away !

Please dont let my age fool you! I a very fit, very energetic,and look much younger than my age ( my friends tell me)! Don't let 67 fool you!

You  are a very attractive and classy lady ! Can I be moved to the front of line to meet you? You would be my Hero if that would happen! I am very active, young at heart, very stable, honest, fun, friendly, and outgoing! Call or text me at 336-XXX-XXXX anytime. I'm waiting! •

#GoldyKnows #GoldyLocksRocks #GoldyLocks #JimmyFallon #ChelseaLately

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