Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Hot guys & motivation!

I just love it when there are some hot dudes at the gym! I actually stay and do something! Lol. What ever may motivate you, think on it, concentrate and just look forward to it. Program yourself to WANT to do that little "extra". Sometimes the only person there to give us a push is ourselves. Learn to lean on you!

Joining a gym, sometimes as inexpensive as $10 a month, and just forces you to go get out of your comfort zone. The other people there, we become friends with, hold you accountable for your actions. I can think of numerous times someone yelled as I was leaving... "you done already?!" I always come back in and pound out a few more sets of something or do an exercise with the accuser! It's win win. :-)

Do something for your health today. Get on it! One body, one life. Make the best of it. And FIND your motivation! Whether it's that hot muscle head at the gym or that cute girl in accounting... find it. :-)

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