Sunday, June 15, 2014

B!tch! Check yourself!

Every once and a while I have that pivotal moment where the voice inside my head says… “B!tch, check yourself!”

This is a good thing. It keeps me in check. Everyone should have this voice and the self-ability to kick themselves in the arse! I have this built in instinctively, but I think a lot of it comes from God. He seems to know just the right time to send a pretty powerful example my way…

I remember a few years ago I was in one of my “classic” hurry’s. I was at a Home Depot and thought the world just revolved around me and my oh so important project. I looked and looked for help and when I found none, decided to spring my siren of a sometimes voice upon unsuspecting customers. I didn’t care. After all I was important and in a hurry.

Still nothing. Finally in about the most impatient and the loudest voice I could, I yelled, 

Wait for it… a very precious and soft-spoken man in a wheelchair came slowly around the corner. He had Cerebral Palsy so his speech was slurred. But in the kindest gentlest voice he proclaimed, “I’m coming mam. It just takes me a minute.”

When the man finally approached me, my only response was this: “Wow. I’m the biggest Asshole Alive.” Lol. He smiled and laughed. I said I was sorry for being a jerk and asked if he would still help me. He said of course.

This employee is probably one of the most intelligent and experienced people in the electrical department the Home Depot has ever seen. He’s always in an incredible mood, smiling, carrying on and knowing his products. That day I saw him coming around the corner hit me in the chest like a ton of bricks falling from the top floor of a building. It crushed my breath and reminded me, The world doesn’t revolve around me. There are other people here too. And I actually live for those moments because it keeps me in check.

I’m on one of my Master Cleanse fasts. It’s almost 3 weeks now. I had some major TV to shoot, and just wanted to see it through. The cleanses help be to be cleaned out, healthy and makes me extremely focused not to mention my skin and body look phenomenal. But it basically means I’m a crab and I have been doing all these shows and work without eating. I still get my vitamins, carbs and nutrients from the drink I make, but it does make you a little funky. Lol

After a 9-hour drive I really wanted to sleep. But instead I found a gym on the road and went in to get some work done. Someone left weights on the machine. This drives me NUTS! Lazy people! I turned to see who was so neglectful and say one of the snotty remarks that I’m so good at giving.

Much to my surprise was a man with no arms. He had finger like extensions protruding from his shoulders though. And was able to grip the pull cables to work out just like everyone else. What blew me away even more is that he took the time to wipe down his gear with the wet wipes provided by the gym.

Now I’m feeling like an even bigger asshole than I did at the Home Depot. 

I never do that. I don't wipe down my machines. I’m too rushed, or think no one is looking… and this man with no arms or real hands took the time to do what even I don't.

He had a speech impediment also. But I made out him asking for help putting away the weights. I obliged and just smiled.

When he walked away tears ran down my face. The excuses from so many people I hear when I suggest they work out, just rang throughout my head. “I’m tired.” “I’m too busy”… bla bla bla. Some dude just came in here and busted out a killer workout with no arms!!!! WTF!
Some other big guy was a makin dig on me. He was really making fun of me for some reason or another. It was in a funny & fun loving way, so I allowed it. Lol.

I saw the disabled man kind of smiling in the corner, but he was silent. I yelled over to him saying, “What the hell are you laughing at?!” :-). Then I said as loudly as I could, “You know what makes you different from all of the other guys in the gym?” He stopped smiling. And I saw the look of fear as he thought he knew what was to come. I yelled again, “You’re the only dude here who wipes his sh!t up after he’s done!” The smile came back even brighter than before. I gave him a wink and went back to my business.

Like I said in the beginning, every once and a while you get a kick in the pants. You are brought to the realization that you are really not as important in the grand scheme of things as you thought. Things really aren’t THAT bad and your life doesn’t suck. So always try and look though life with rose colored glasses. See the glass half full and recognize the beauty in all human beings. It’s there. Be happy, grateful and blessed that you have all you do. I know I do. I got checked today… and I left my baggage at the door.

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