Sunday, June 8, 2014

Looking for LOVE! 6/10 Nashville TN 1PM!

6/10! 1PM! I already have a few helpers coming! 
And need about TEN more!

I'm on a new Major Network show! And EXCITED! And on top of all the crew they have coming to do some CRAZY stuff, the production company asked me to round up TEN friends who are cool, groovy, chill and just want to help out doing WHATEVER they need on Tue. 

This is a chance to just be on a set, see how things are done, watch me be nuts  (what's new!) and genuinely just have fun! 

If this sounds like something you'd like to do, can actually BEHAVE yourself lol, please just comment here or find me on the Facebook page you may follow and I will give you details. 

You have to sign a Non disclosure, basically meaning you keep your trap shut about the shoot. So as of now even "I" don't have location details. Let me know if anyone is down. I'd love to have you around. It's gonna be SO FUN!! Thanks to the people who have already agreed to come!!!!!! XXOO ME! 


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