Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Don't Call Me Babe!

I'm writing a new book. Three actually. 
All funny and all will I hope someone feel better through mistakes I've made and my different journeys I've taken so many places in this crazy thing we call life. :-)

As promised, or threatened... lol, just a sneak peek at the "special charm" to come in one of my upcoming books written to help people who have gone through a divorce, break up or who just seem to get dumped like I do! Ha ha. I always look at is is God is just looking out for me. Better things and peeps to come. 

I have many social media pages, I've been on many dating sites. I always like to leave myself open to communicate with folks. But there is a time and place people. And someone's "Linkedin" just isn't the place to proclaim your undying love. Really? I block guys on EVERY page I have and the STILL find me on some remote site having nothing to do with love... Sigh.

To quote one hell of a gorgeous icon and advocate, Pam Anderson, "Don't call me babe!" In fact,  don't call me anything but my name! Because I don't like it. I don't know you. And I probably DON'T want to know you!

This is just an example of the "chilling" and "riveting" emails I receive on a daily basis. I'm including a photo because let's face it, he wanted to put his best foot forward. That deserves lot's of views. And he said it was a "sexy" selfie... Ok. Live your dream.

I can't wait for you all to check out my book when it's finished. It even makes me laugh when I read it thus far. I hope you all do too. ;-)

Love always, Goldy XXOO

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  1. I'm posting a comment. Zip up your pants!

    1. He will...that's his gauge on his jean size...he must be working on 4!

    2. Bahaha... So silly! So many funny comments on the other FB pages! Silly Rabbits!!!!